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Course CodeCourse Title
BNC06E1Business Negotiations and Contracts
BEA04E1Business in the Electronic Age
BEC04E1Business Economics
BSS05E1Business Supervisory Skills
CEM06E1Conference and Event Management
ESS15E1Employment Success Strategies
INF13E1Internet Fundamentals
INT07E1Introduction to the Internet 2007
INT05E1Introduction to the Internet 2005
INT2K001Introduction to the Internet 2000
IPC09E1-UIntroduction to Personal Computers
JSR04E1Job Search and Résumé Writing
JSR11E1Job Search and Résumé Writing
JSR11E1-USJob Search and Résumé Writing - US
MDP00E1Medical Office Procedures
MFN06E1Management Fundamentals
OFP07E1Office Procedures Level 1
OFP07E2Office Procedures Level 2
OFP10E1Office Procedures Level 1 (NEW)
OFP10E2Office Procedures Level 2 (NEW)
PCF13E1Personal Computer Fundamentals
PPT07M2Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 – Level 2
PMF11E2Project Management Fundamentals – Level 2